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"All this is for your benefit, so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of God."

2 corinthians 4:15 niv

for Argyle and Northlake…

for Grace to reach more and more people…

for the Glory of God…


we reach

Our desire is to REACH people in this community with the good news of Jesus Christ.  We simply want to hear what God is telling us and keep in step with what the Holy Spirit is asking us to accomplish for HIS glory.   We have been looking at property for over 2 years and believe that the Father is providing us with an opportunity to REACH out by faith and take our first step into a permanent facility.

 Our ask is that you and your family prayerfully consider giving towards this goal.  We believe that God will provide you with direction in this matter.  We also believe that it will require sacrifice from all of us to take this step of Faith.  We do not want to sell you on this as a concept.  We simply want to invite you into what we believe is an exciting step in Tribes’ journey of faith.


We have identified a 7.6 acre piece of property off FM 407. The selling price is $495,000. We would be looking to make a down payment of $123,750 and would need to finance the balance. We want to be in a position to break ground on a permanent facility in the next 3-4 years. We do have the capital to make this down payment today thanks to your generosity.

We would love to raise the remaining balance and simply pay cash for this property as we never want to put a lid on God’s generosity. With that said, we have set a goal to raise $70,000 for this move to be given to our general budget which will cover a 2021 budget shortfall. We will have a $70,000 budget shortfall next year because of the new monthly land payment, as well as having lower than expected giving coming in this year so far. While we have ground to make up in next year’s budget, we are only in the position to be looking at land because of your generosity and we believe God will provide where he guides us.

You can give toward the Reach goal in two primary ways: a.) one time cash donation b.) monthly commitment for the year 2021. We would very much like to see the majority of this come in the way of one time giving on Sunday, December 13th. You can also head to tribes.church/reach to give today!


Not quite ready to give yet, but plan to give in 2021 towards REACH? Help us know how to plan by submitting a pledge card here.


webex link for live video q & a 11/18 at 8 pm:


site development plan

Below is a site development plan of how the land could be used when we’re ready to build in the years ahead.

frequently asked questions

1. Why is this the property?

As much as we love Argyle West Elementary, our hope since day one has been that one day we would have our own facility to better allow us to reach our community. Buying land is just the first step in a several year process, and knowing this we began searching for land around 2 years ago. In that time, our real estate agents have brought multiple opportunities to our leadership team (Gavin, Brandon and David with the support of our Board). None of them have created as much excitement amongst our leadership team as this piece of property. The land is perfectly located on FM 407 right between Argyle and Northlake (right next to 407 BBQ) and is just 2 miles from our current meeting location. The land provides plenty of room for us to grow and is priced around a quarter of what similar land goes for in our area. We believe God has opened the door for us to be able to take the step of securing this land for our future permanite site.

2. How do you see the property being used in the future and by when?

Acquiring the land is just step one, and will require a fairly large financial commitment for our church. Because of this, we will begin financing the land with the plan to pay down as much as possible as our church continues to grow in our current meeting space. In a few years, as we reach more and more people in our community for Christ,, we will then transfer the land loan into a building loan and will develop a first phase building on the property. Our best guess is that we will not begin developing the land for at least 3 years, but all of that depends on God’s provision. Phase one of the building will likely be a 10,000 square foot building that has around 200-300 seats in the auditorium and plenty of children’s classrooms and flex space to meet our needs at that time. As we reach this community for Christ and the Lord adds to our number we will have plans to expand that site as needed.

3. What is the determining factor if we buy this or not?

Simply put it will be your stewardship.  We (Gavin, Brandon, David and the board) feel confident that this is the right location for us long term. We do not believe that Father would want us to become house poor and limit our ability to provide day to day ministries to reach into our community.  So we ask you to prayerfully determine what you can give.  No Guilt and no arm twisting. Just Faith.

4.  Is there unity among staff and our board?

Unity is one of the most important factors in the life of our church. Regardless of whether this is a good business deal, or a great location, God often reveals himself in unity among leadership. 1 Corinthians 1:10 says “I appeal to you, brothers, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment.” We are confident that God is leading us in this decision because we as a staff as well as our church Board agree that this is the best next step for our church.

5. Can we afford it?

Yes and no. We cannot afford to pay cash for the property in our current position. However, with current interest rates a monthly payment is quite affordable. With your generosity we believe this is affordable.

6. What is wrong with portable?

Nothing, in fact there are many advantages to being portable. Over the last 3 years we have had an incredibly low monthly rent payment and have been blessed with great visibility in our regular gatherings by meeting in our local schools. However, the downside is that we have been limited to only having a meeting space for Sunday mornings. Also, we are spending roughly 160 man-hours per month in setup and tear down for our space. Imagine what our church could do by focusing those 160 man-hours at other ministry opportunities. What new ministries could we start? How could we reach our community in a new way? We believe having our own facility one day is the best way to reach Argyle and Northlake for Christ for many years to come.

7. When will you tell the church if we are able to move forward?

Sunday, December 13th will be our Reach Sunday, meaning it is the Sunday morning we will ask everyone who calls Tribes their church home to make a contribution above and beyond their normal tithe toward this step. In the weeks that follow we will evaluate what comes in against the 2021 budget deficit and will make a decision as a Board concerning whether or not we can close on this property. Our option period on the land ends 1/17/2021 so we will decide before that date.

8.  How can we use the land in the next few years?

We are praying about that now.  The property does have a home on it today that is in very poor condition.  We will evaluate the cost to perhaps renovate significant portions of the home and use it potentially as an event space, a meeting space for youth and adult tribes, and potentially staff offices. Ultimately however the home would be demolished to make way for our new facility when the time comes.

9. Did you select this property because it sits next to 407 BBQ?

When we secure this property, we do expect Gavin and Brandon to gain about 20 pounds a piece. Perhaps we should get a golf cart for easier access. Yes this is a joke.