April 23, 2020 6:51 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The Power of Pause Devotional – Solitude

Written by Gavin


Take a moment to quiet your soul as you begin your time with God.

Opening Prayer: Jesus, help draw me into your presence today as I spend a few moments alone with you.

Luke 5:16 (NIV) – “But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”

Earlier this week, I accepted an overdue invitation…to withdraw away for a full day to enjoy God’s creation, spend time in prayer and engage in something I love. God had given me signs, for months, that I was running too hard, and was busy trying to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. I have felt tired and overwhelmed for too long, and slowed down too little. So Monday, in the midst of the socially distant  slowdown happing all around me, I took a day off, grabbed my bike, and drove 3 hours to Burnet, Tx to go for a trail ride. I committed to silence as I set out, turning off the radio before driving past Ft. Worth. 3 hours down, 3 hours back, in silence with the Lord…What first felt like an overwhelming and empty space quickly revealed it’s restful beauty and passed all too quickly.

I am fast paced…Slowing down is something I fail to do often. And when I do get moments of silence I begin to realize how much I need it…even look forward to it. Silence is to our soul what water is to our mouth. A drop of silence after a frantic season of running makes you realize you are dying of thirst.

In Luke 5 we see Jesus pull away from the demands of his ministry to prayerfully rest with the Father.  He had just healed a man with leprosy and crowds of sick people began to chase after him to see if he would perform a miracle for them. In the midst of being the most in demand figure in the Roman Empire he doesn’t release a DVD teaching series, promote a new book, or even stand up to address the crowd. Instead, he steps back. He embraces his humanity, and rests in the Father.

If Jesus needed time away to rest, why do you and I think we can go without?

Solitude and silence are powerful tools to bring about the presence of God in your life. Maybe it’s time you take an afternoon off, and get away to sit in the presence of God.

Questions to think through: How can I “plan for the pause?” What needs to take place for me to get alone with God and rest for a few hours?

Spiritual Practice to Embrace: Silence and Solitude