For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...

Mark 10:45

The way of Jesus is all about serving. Which is why serving is part of who we are as a church. In fact, it's so important we put it in our missions statement. We Scatter to serve, impacting our church, city and world.
Part of what it means to serve is to join a Serve Team and partner with us to advance the Gospel through Tribes Church. 

Serve Sunday

Anytime there is a 5th Sunday in the month, we pause to serve our community

We know that being a portable church meeting in a school means there is always a need for volunteers. And with all the good intentions in the world, it can be challenging for many who are serving in the church to find capacity to make an impacting in the community. For this reason, we've created a regular rhythm called Serve Sunday. Anytime there is a 5th Sunday in a month (4 times per year) we pause our normal services and come together to tackle service projects that help impact those outside our church. We have partnered with other ministries like Grace Like Rain or Our Daily Bread in Denton to help serve those suffering from homelessness. We have packaged food through Numana to send all around the world. We have even made care packages for our area first responders, improved the school where we meet, sent shoes to our international missions partners and done litter removal from a section of FM 407 we have adopted. While the projects may vary the heart is always the same, taking the love of Jesus to those outside our church walls.